What does Moisture Damage Beneath Stucco Look Like?

This home is a good example of most of our stucco remediation projects. Looking to sell their home, the owners had their stucco inspected. Though the home is less than 20 years old, numerous failures were found, particularly around improperly installed window flashings, as well as in a number of places where water was bypassing the gutters and cascading down the siding.

In these areas, the OSB board underneath the stucco had rotted away, exposing the insulation underneath and leading to quick deterioration of that as well. This video shows exactly what this damage looks like when the stucco is removed. As you can see, there is quite a bit of exposed insulation in the damaged areas where the OSB is no longer present.

Following stucco removal, damaged insulation and new OSB board will be installed, and windows will be removed and reinstalled with proper flashing. Finally, new stucco will be applied using more durable, moisture resistant techniques.